Data Over Power Results In Next-Level Creative Lighting

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Developed and engineered in Belgium, Lucenti brings innovation to the high speed entertainment lighting industry. “With power line communication, we saw an opportunity to take festoon lighting to the next level.” Yoeri Renders and Olivier Leirs have been developing and testing for the past years to get the Lucenti bulbs durable and the protocols flawless. “By sending the data to control the bulbs over the power line, we reduce cabling. Standard socket wiring can be used to make lines of up to 250 meters long with 128 individually addressable bulbs.”
The flagship bulb called the Pearl has RGB coloured LEDs in the base and a dimmable LED filament. Each channel is individually adjustable through the controller. With the app you can go for the ease of plug and play, or connect your DMX (wired or wireless) lighting console and integrate it with the rest of your lighting.
The Lucenti team managed to create a rugged and intuitive controller that lasts at the rough environments of event venues or production sites. With its IP67 resistance both bulbs and controller can be used outdoors. More shapes will be added to the Vinci collection soon to give lighting designers more options to work with the stunning output these lights create.

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