Tullhuset Seaclub in Norrköping got an exclusive controllable Edison look ceiling

Friday, September 3, 2021

The former customs department building in the harbour of Norrköping got a complete overhaul and turned into a top notch restaurant, bar and event lounge.

Close to 200 individually controllable Pearls in the ceiling of the upper floor of Tullhuset Seaclub in Sweden create the perfect mood for private and corporate parties in the newly renovated waterfront venue. To be able to combine cozy dinning with partying they were looking to integrate an exclusive and fully controllable lighting system. The Edison look with the dimmable filament in the centre makes for an intimate restaurant atmosphere while the RGB ring can follow the beat of any sing-along song to trigger your best dance moves.

The installation and programming of this creative design was done by PADAB, commissioning the project 'spot on' with the expectations.

Product list:

198 Pearls

3 Vinci Controllers

The Lucenti products were provided by our Swedish distribution partner Mlite, with special thanks to Mikael Uddh.

PADAB website

Tullhuset Seaclub website

Mlite Distribution website


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