Discover the new PixlDrive 8 Pro in a live sneak peak

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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Lucenti , KLSTR and FACE (Lucenti World Wide Sales partner) teams invite you for a visit to the Lucenti / KLSTR showcase in Boom bringing you an introduction and sneak peak of the all new Lucenti PixlDrive 8 Pro, with revolutionary game changing KLSTR technology onboard.

Witness the efficiency and intuitivity of the KLSTR network configuration already available in the new PixlDrive 8 Pro, with all PixlDrive 1 functionalities upgraded to a new style of automatic network setup.

KLSTR and Lucenti team will be explaining the future standard of entertainment lighting networking. Reducing error tolerance and latency to almost zero, by increasing synchronised data speed, redundancy and accuracy over IPv6 and IPv4 of the PTPv2 protocol. Already auto patching via export-MVR files containing GDTF files, fixture ID’s and mapping. All this, demonstrated and available in the brand new PixlDrive 8 Pro.

The demos will be held In the Lucenti showroom, located at the FACE headquarters in Boom, Belgium. It's a 30 min drive from Zaventem Brussels, Deurne Antwerpen International Airports and Brussels Central Train Station.

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Bookings can be made until the 2nd of August.


Hoek 76 Unit 301
2850 Boom

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