DISTRIXS Creative Technology takes on the Lucenti distribution for the Netherlands

Press Releases
Friday, October 16, 2020

Reinforcing the selected partners distribution network, LUCENTI is incredibly proud to present DISTRIXS Creative Technology as their distribution partner for the Netherlands.

Rolf Schild (photo right) : “ For Distrixs CT it’s important to be able to offer our highly specialized clients the most innovative and customer oriented solutions on the market. Lucenti, with their own innovative PixlBus protocol and highly intuitive user interfaces is definitely one of those solutions”.

Brand Manager Jeroen Carette ( photo left) : “ Rolf and his team have established an exemplary customer relation over the years, with a crowd of companies that have put their trust in the customer driven approach of DISTRIXS CT. Highly respected for their loyalty to their brands on one side, appreciated for their client care on the other… An obvious choice…And yes, they’re a great bunch of people to hang around with…”




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